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Scholarships and Financial Aid

"The work of this college will be judged not only in absolute terms by the performance of its graduates, but also in relative terms by the changes the college is able to effect in the lives of its students in the course of the four years they spend here."


From "Meritocracy, Access and Social Mobility", remarks given by Dr. Gerald Chan at the inauguration of Morningside College, November 2011



The College strives to make the pursuit of excellence accessible to all Morningside students.  Available awards include:


  • Admission Scholarships (to cover part of the cost of residence and/or communal dining) for first year students with outstanding admission results;
  • Academic Scholarships to recognize students with outstanding academic performance; 
  • Exchange Scholarships to encourage study abroad;
  • Achievement, Service, and Spirit Awards to recognize student contributions to the Morningside community. Nominations are solicited annually;
  • Study Abroad Scholarships to subsidize overseas trips/programmes for academic purposes;
  • Bursaries to support students with financial difficulties. 



For further information on Scholarships & Financial Aid at Morningside College, please refer to College's annoucements. For enquiries, please contact us at


In addition to financial support at Morningside, the University offers a range of financial aid options to its students. For information on these options, please visit the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA).



​Morningside College Scholarships and Financial Aid


Name of Scholarships/Financial Aid

Scholarships and Awards

CUHK Golden Jubilee Scholarships and Bursaries Fund Scholarship

The David Parker Best General Education Essay Award

Dr. Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation Scholarship

The James A. Mirrlees Postgraduate Scholarship

Madam Chen Pei Yu Memorial Scholarship

Master's List

Morningside Achievement Award

Morningside College Intercalated Programme Scholarship

Morningside College Scholarship

Morningside College Scholarship (Admissions)

Morningside Service Award

Morningside Spirit Award

Morningside Grand Award

PI Scholarship

Exchange Scholarships

Daiwa Securities Group Scholarship

Leung Pon You Fung Travelling Fellowship

Morningside Venures International Travel Fellowship for Study Abroad

Wong Suk Wah International Travel Fellowship for Study Abroad

Yunfan Exchange Scholarship

Financial Aid

College Bursary (for College Hostel and/or Meal Fees)

College Bursary for Service Trip

College Conference Grant

College Emergency Bursary

College Travel Grant