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Junior Fellows

Alayna Lee

Alayna Lee graduated from Yale University in 2022 with a BA in East Asian Studies and Political Science. She spent the last few summers working for a documentary-production company in Los Angeles, conducting research for political officials in North Carolina and Virginia, and practicing her Korean at Yonsei University. Her academic interests include the role of the media in global narrative formations and the intersection of gender, race, and politics. Alayna additionally enjoys getting lost in museums, conversations about film, and listening to her music too-loudly. Want to know more? Ask her about her latest clothing haul or for a sci-fi novel recommendation.


Alok Ranpise

Alok Ranpise graduated from Boston University in 2018 with a double-major BA in Economics and International Relations. Between 2020 and 2022, he attended Georgetown University and received his MA in Asian studies, focusing on social history and domestic politics. His research interests include social movements, monarchies’ public images, modern travel writing, diplomacy, and political and linguistic pluralism. He grew up in Mumbai, India.  Alok enjoys narrative histories, new cities and eateries, and spending time out on the water. Want to know more? Ask him which soccer players or film directors he follows. 


Kaitlyn Roukey

Kaitlyn Roukey, better known as Kait, graduated from Saint Michael’s College in 2020 with a double major BA in Secondary Education and English. She spent the last two years teaching English and Social Studies to middle school students in Vermont, USA. Her pedagogical research has focused on teaching and discussing social justice through young adult literature; she strives to give her students a voice and the confidence to make change. In her free time, she enjoys running, trying new sports, and listening to comedy podcasts. Want to know more? Ask Kait about her dog, Aggie, back home in the US or what marathon she wants to run next.