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Student Support Service - FAQs

Anxiety/ Depression

  • I’ve been feeling anxious/depressed lately.
    • Why not make an appointment with the Dean of Students, Colin Graham ( Your conversation will be confidential. The Dean will discuss strategies with you, and, with your permission, may also refer you to the Counselling Service and/or the University Health Service for follow-up care.
    • If you feel comfortable doing so, you may also consider chatting with your RT and/or the Warden (Ann Huss). All conversations will be kept confidential. Perhaps you have suggestions about hostel life that would increase your well-being. Let them know!
  • My roommate/friend seems depressed.
    • Out of respect for your roommate, could you try talking with her/him about this first?
    • During your conversation, can you suggest that s/he speak with the RT, Warden (Ann Huss) or Dean of Students (Colin Graham)?
    • Ask your roommate/friend for her/his permission to inform the RT, Warden or Dean of Students about the situation.
    • If you are concerned about her/his safety, speak with your RT, the Warden and/or the Dean of Students.



  • I have questions about the University’s student counselling service.
  • I would like to meet with a Student Counsellor.
    • If you are comfortable making an appointment yourself, you can do so online or call 3943 7208/3943 3493.
    • The Dean of Students (Colin Graham) can also refer you to the Counselling Service. Please let him know if he may be of help.
    • If you are in need of immediate support, you can always call the 24-hour Support Hotline at 5400 2055.



  • I feel dizzy/ill/am in physical pain.
    • Ask a friend or floor-mate to notify the RT-on-duty (3943-0351), Caretaker (9471-2683) or the Warden. If necessary, someone can accompany you to visit the University Health Service (during office hours) or call a taxi or ambulance to transport you to the Prince of Wales Hospital.
  • Someone has been vomiting daily in the shower stall.
    • Please report the situation to your RT and/or the Warden.