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Student Organizations

Morningside College Student Union

Morningside College’s Student Union represents the collective opinions and ambitions of the College’s students.  It consists of two councils, the Executive Council and the Representative Council. The Executive Council runs the day-to-day operations of the Student Union, while the Representative Council is committed to the overall governance of the Student Union, including legislative matters, interpretation of the Constitution and monitoring the finances of the Executive Council.


Student Union Email:



Morningside Muse

Morningside Muse is a student-initiated artistic and literary publication. It aims to create an inspired culture of sharing and creativity within the College, and is a platform for student expression. The current edition of the Muse can be found at



The Morningside Band

The MC Band is the official college band for Morningside College. The band organises an annual music night in which musical artists from both in and outside of Morningside are invited to perform. Additionally, the band also performs at various different college functions. The Band welcomes all students who are interested in music regardless of previous musical experience.


The Morningside Band Email:



MC Rangers

MC Rangers is a student-initiated society formed by a group of likeminded individuals who take pleasure in the nature and outdoors available in Hong Kong. Our main goal is to help create an enriching and fulfilling college life for all Morningside students. For information and updates you can follow our social media pages:


Instagram: @mc.rangers

Facebook:  @MC Rangers

WeChat: MCRangers