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Student Organizations

Morningside College Student Union

Morningside College’s Student Union represents the collective opinions and ambitions of the College’s students.  It consists of two councils, the Executive Council and the Representative Council. The Executive Council runs the day-to-day operations of the Student Union, while the Representative Council is committed to the overall governance of the Student Union, including legislative matters, interpretation of the Constitution and monitoring the finances of the Executive Council.


Facebook: The Morningside College Student Union




Morningside Music Community

The Morningside Music Community houses the college's many passionate musicians, performers, and music lovers. We organise an annual music night that invites musical bands and artists both within and outside of Morningside College to perform. We also perform at various college functions. We welcome all Morningsiders who are interested in participating, regardless of musical experience!


Instagram: @morningside_music




MC Rangers

The MC Rangers is a student-led society that aims to build friendships while exploring the natural wonders of Hong Kong through outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and kayaking. Our purpose is to help create an enriching and fulfilling college life for all Morningsiders. To us, college life is more than just academics and deadlines, it's also about building long-lasting friendships and creating memories. Adventure starts with us!


Instagram: @mc.rangers

Facebook: @MC Rangers

WeChat: MCRangers





The Morningside Connoisseurs is a student-based interest group striving to promote culinary cultures and practices from all over the world. We aim to blend cultural boundaries by understanding diversity through fact-sharing, cooking, and baked goods. Join us in finding connections and jubilance through food!


Instagram: @mconnoisseurs