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Celebrating a Decade of Peer Mentoring


On Wednesday, 22 November, Morningside College celebrated the tenth year of its Peer Mentoring Programme, in collaboration with programme coordinator Sharon Wong of the Independent Learning Center. Before becoming mentors, senior students underwent five training sessions in October, learning about mentoring, counselling, and emotional intelligence. The programme then connected mentors with first-year students as mentees. This year’s mentors were Govini Elvitigala, Tony Hon, James Jeon, Tone Lee, Pearl Pisutsin, Anna Smirnova, and Sodam You.


One of the mentors, Anna Smirnova (Year 3 Psychology student), was motivated to guide new students in the same way that former peer mentor Yist Yu guided her during her first year at Morningside. Anna learned about helping others with their emotional difficulties and gained an appreciation for active listening, critical self-reflection, and individualized, attentive support. Thank you to Sharon Wong and all our peer mentors for taking up this important role in our community!