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Celebrating the Class of 2019 at the 85th Congregation Graduation Luncheon


On 7 November, Morningside celebrated the Class of 2019! College Master Nicholas Rawlins congratulated the graduates and welcomed their families to campus. He reflected on how special Morningside is as a community and how the college has remained calm and harmonious despite the ongoing tensions in our city.


Two student speakers represented the Class of 2019: Radhika Narang and Allan Lui. Radhika expressed her gratitude for all the support Morningside College had given her and her fellow Morningsiders, while Allan recounted his personal academic journey throughout his university career, which was supported by his classmates and influenced by College Fellows.


College Overseer Mr. Sebastian Man also gave a speech congratulating the graduates. Student Joelle Li served as the Master of Ceremonies. Graduating students and parents enjoyed a wonderful time at the ceremony and the luncheon.


Congratulations to the Class of 2019!