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Cindy Xin Awarded Grand Prize in 2018 Morningside Photography Competition


Congratulations to Cindy Xin, year 1 student, whose photograph “The Pipes” was awarded this year’s Grand Prize in the annual Morningside College Photography Competition!


The judging panel for this year’s competition was composed of Prof. Nelson Chen, Director of the School of Architecture at CUHK, Prof. Benny Lim, and Romain Jacquet-Lagreze, fine art professional photographer. The judges had the following to say about the Grand Prize winning photograph: “The Grand Prize winner is a photograph titled “Pipes” which intrigues the viewer with a colourful, abstract composition of the mundane.  What makes this photograph stand out among its competition is how the photographer was able to capture a human narrative that can be uncovered within the myriad of pipes stacked up in a factory or workshop.  Small details give life to the photograph – a pair of gloves, hand tools, cabled bundled up, a clock – which invite the viewer to piece together the human story behind this abstract still life.”


Thank you to all of the students who submitted photographs for this year’s contest, and congratulations to all finalists!


Grand Prize: The Pipes by Xin Di (辛迪), Morningside College

Artefact:  Finalists

  • The Pipes by Xin Di (辛迪), Morningside College, 1st Place
  • Masquerade of the Millennia by Nigel Pak (白昊天), Morningside College, 2nd Place
  • Parallel Universe by Anson Tong (湯晞伽), Morningside College, Student Choice Winner
  • Construction by Anson Tong (湯晞伽), Morningside College
  • Döppelganger by Junyuan Tan, Morningside College
  • 3.9x10^(-7) Percent of Earth Surface by Tianmeng Tie, Chung Chi College
  • Taichi (太平泥叫叫) by Wang Shang (王上), Morningside College


Epoch: Finalists

  • Simpler Times by Nigel Pak (白昊天), Morningside College, Student Choice Award, 1st Place
  • Striding through the Decades into the Modern Days by Justin Chow (周衍正), Morningside College, 2nd Place
  • Commercialism by Anson Tong (湯晞伽), Morningside College
  • Trendy but Gold by Gavin Yip (葉峻亨), Morningside College
  • Gate to the Future – New Era of Hong Kong Architecture by Justin Chow (周衍正 ), Morningside College
  • Bound and withered under the path of evolution by Seyrence Lee (李勁輝), Morningside College


Retrospect: Finalists

  • The Matchers by Junyuan Tan, Morningside College, 1st Place
  • At the Monastery by Laura Laban, S.H.Ho College, 2nd Place
  • Aged and Walled by Rosita Ho (何芷澄), Morningside College, Student Choice Award
  • Cinders of Tradition by Seyrence Lee (李勁輝), Morningside College
  • Looking into the Past by Anson Tong (湯晞伽), Morningside College