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Connecting Across Years and Countries: Morningsiders Organise Talk on Overseas Studies


On 3 August, Myles Ng, Year Two Economics student, and Joseph Zhao, alumnus of Morningside College, led a talk on overseas studies at the college.


In July, Myles attended an Economics Summer Programme at Girton College, University of Cambridge. As part of the programme, he gave a presentation on the Nobel Prize-winning work of Professor Sir James Mirrlees, Morningside College’s founding master. After the presentation, Myles had the opportunity to meet with Sir James’ wife, Lady Patricia Mirrlees, who connected him to Joseph Zhao. Joseph had recently finished a master’s degree in Planning Growth and Regeneration, and was continuing his doctoral studies in Land Economy at Cambridge. This connection at Cambridge prompted Myles and Joseph to collaborate on a talk at Morningside College on the topic of overseas studies.


At the event, Myles and Joseph were joined by other speakers as well. Solomon Lam, a recent Morningside graduate, introduced the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich master’s programme in Physics. Ka Chi Yip, an alumnus of Chung Chi College, spoke about the master’s in International Planning offered by Bartlett School of Planning, University College of London. The speakers relayed key insights and information about studying abroad to an audience of CUHK students from different backgrounds.


For Joseph, the talk was “a way to give back to my Morningside family, and to help people who are still in Hong Kong and need better information on overseas studies for both Master's and studies in general”. Through this collaboration with Myles, Joseph wanted to “help increase awareness of overseas studies in his own little way”.


"As an international student, my time at CUHK is already a period of overseas study," said Myles who is from the Philippines. "I still have a long way to go from finishing my Bachelor's in Economics and starting a Master's degree... But if there was one message I was trying to convey in my presentation, it's that … The world is out there for you to explore, and several opportunities await each and every one of us."


Morningside College would like to thank Year Two Morningsider, Myles Ng for his contribution to this news piece.