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MC Rangers Take On Grass Island


On 21 September 2019, the MC Rangers embarked on the scenic Grass Island (Tap Mun) hike with their enthusiastic participants. From banter on the ferry, friendly jostling during the hike, moments of awe at the beauty of nature, the irresistible call of the ocean waves beckoning many to jump right in, to the cute (but smelly) cows casually grazing on grass and sunbathing and the taste of iced pineapple on the ferry back home, every step was enjoyable. The beginner-level hike accommodated students with different fitness levels and provided many new Morningsiders a chance to step away from the hectic city life and explore the hidden natural wonders of Hong Kong. 


Serag Heiba, a freshman Morningsider majoring in Energy and Environmental Engineering, commented that this first hike with MC Rangers as “an extension of the ‘O’camp’ experience, where we were introduced to a different part of Hong Kong, one that we’ve never really had the chance to see before, all while getting to meet new people and bond with the ones we previously knew.” 

Organising this first event initially appeared daunting to the 2019-2020 MC Rangers Committee; however, the team stayed together and pulled through with phenomenal execution of plans. President Myles Ng commented, “It was really great getting our first event done for the year! But more than just the event itself, this only marks the beginning of greater things to come for the MC Rangers. To all those who trekked with us to Grass Island, especially to all this year’s freshmen Morningsiders, I hope you guys enjoyed the hike! But this is only the beginning, because we’ve got so many more amazing activities coming your way!”

Indeed, there’s more to come - and we hope to bring more joy to those who enjoy the outdoors.


Morningside College would like to thank Morningsider Eshanee Bhattacharya for her contribution to this news piece.