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Morningside Welcomes Families of the Incoming Class at first Formal Hall Dinner of 2018-2019 Spring Term


The Dinner for Families of the Incoming Class of 2018 and the first Formal Hall Dinner of the spring term was held on the evening of 23 January in the Dining Hall. In his opening remarks, Master Prof. Nicholas Rawlins welcomed students and their families as they joined the college in its treasured tradition marking the start of the term. “It is particularly special to see that so many of your parents have also been able to join us this evening,” Master Rawlins told the incoming class in his address. “Your success undoubtedly owes a great deal to them, too, and they are rightly part of tonight’s celebration.”


Current Morningside students led the families of the incoming class on a pre-dinner tour of the college buildings, ending with a cocktail reception in the Master’s Lodge. After dinner, the incoming class and their families joined college fellows and members for a group photo.