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Morningsiders in York learn about the challenges and rewards of professional service


On 23 July Morningsiders returned from the United Kingdom, where they participated in a programme focused on social enterprises and nonprofits hosted by the University of York. During the two-week programme, students visited organizations around York that focus on tackling key social issues in the community including homelessness, prisoner rehabilitation and reintegration, and food insecurity. Between visits, Morningsiders heard related talks by guest speakers about human rights, mental health, the refugee crisis, and international service.


Many students who participated in the programme said that the on-site visits and interactive lectures changed their views about how to effectively address social issues and that they look forward to volunteering and contributing their efforts to nonprofits and charities in their home communities. This is the fourth year that Morningside College has partnered with the University of York, and we are eager to offer this unique learning experience to students in the future.