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Professor Dou Qi Presents the Fall’s First Fellow’s Luncheon Talk


On Wednesday, November 22, Professor Dou Qi delivered the semester’s first Fellow Luncheon Talk to an audience of college leadership, Fellows, resident tutors, and students. Professor Dou’s talk addressed image-based medical training for artificial intelligence in healthcare. The cost-effective availability of A.I.-based medical tools could ameliorate shortages of physicians around the world and address clinical challenges such as surgical imprecisions or medical errors owing to clinicians’ individual training and experience. Professor Dou introduced A.I. driven solutions at various stages of medical treatment, including diagnosis, pre-surgical planning, surgical navigation, and prognosis. She also highlighted issues with varying enthusiasm among clinicians for A.I. use, and the challenges of younger clinicians’ overdependence on technology. When asked about the transregional applicability of A.I. that is predominantly trained on North American and Western European medical data, Professor Dou responded with examples of cooperation with academic institutions in developing countries, particularly with Moroccan medical students.