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The Past and Future of Hong Kong: A Conversation with Xu Xi


On February 22, Morningside College’s Writers Series welcomed Xu Xi, an Indonesian-Chinese author renowned for her works on identity and belonging within Hong Kong society. Xu Xi’s work is informed by her childhood spent in Tsim Sha Tsui, living near Chungking Mansion’s multicultural community and growing up in an English-speaking Indonesian family. As Xu Xi prepares to leave Hong Kong, her latest book Dear Hong Kong is her “Dear John” letter to the city she calls home.


During the talk, Xu Xi shared her opinions about the changes Hong Kong has undergone over the last few decades, and read excerpts from two of her works: Dear Hong Kong and Insignificance. Through a combination of her readings and personal anecdotes, Xu Xi explored the political and cultural development of Hong Kong from the 1970s to the present day. Xu Xi closed her talk with a reminder that regardless of society and identity, “People are people, they do what they do.” In her pursuit of her career as a writer, Xu Xi demonstrates the need to follow our dreams.


Morningside College would like to thank Year 3 Morningsider Ambrose Chan for his contribution to this news piece.