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2024 Photography Competition Winners Announced at Formal Hall Dinner


On Thursday 18 April, the Morningside Community gathered for its final dinner together for this term. Master of Ceremonies Junyong Park (Year 1, Biomedical Engineering) remarked that this has been an extraordinary first year for him, and then revealed that awards for the 2024 Morningside College Photography Competition would be handed out this evening. Students from all colleges in CUHK were eligible to submit their photographs to the competition in three categories: Impermanence, Imitation, and Shape. This year’s judge was Morningside alumnus Jun Li, award-winning film director of Drifting (2021). Jun nominated winners in each category as well as one Grand Prize winner. Furthermore, Morningside students viewed photographs shortlisted by Jun and voted for ‘Student Choice’ winners in each category, at communal dinner on Tuesday 16 April. The award winners (visible in this order below) were:


Overall Grand Prize and 1st Place in Impermanence – “Introspection,” Liu Zhiyuan, New Asia College


2nd Place in Impermanence – “Among the woods,” Pei Yu, Chung Chi College


Student Choice in Impermanence – “The forgotten market,” Blasius Inigo Satria, Morningside College


1st Place in Imitation – “Nerve,” Ilya Semple, Morningside College


2nd Place in Imitation – “An Action on the Reflection on the Glass at a Nan Goldin Photography Competition,” Ma Lechi, Chung Chi College


Student Choice in Imitation – “Flock,” Qin Zijing, Wu Yee Sun College


1st Place and Student Choice in Shape – “An Arrow / Permission to Go?” Shiao Pak Kwan, Morningside College


2nd Place in Shape – “On the Road,” Pei Yu, Chung Chi College