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The Music Community Hosts its First Show of 2024


Morningsiders got together on Thursday April 12 for this term’s Music Night. Three experienced bands performed, having demonstrably honed their performance skills and synergies since last term’s MCSU Cultural Fair and Music Night. The bands were Rewind, CD Legs, and WakeUP SunRiSE, though they frequently changed performers for each song. Some students swapped instruments in between songs, and main-stay guitarists and keyboard players also showed their singing abilities. Bandmates on stage commemorated each other (and even celebrated a birthday), and numerous performers and College Master Nick Rawlins thanked final-year student James Jeon (Energy and Environmental Engineering) for his commendable stewardship of Music Nights since 2019. James reassured everyone that following his graduation, Music Nights will be capably led by Year 1 student and keyboardist Paul Maiseaumsook (Computer Science and Engineering).