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Alumni+Pro Concert and Jam Session


Communal Dinner on Tuesday, 12 March was unlike any other. Joined by professional keyboardist, composer and producer Jerold Chu and Nate Wong of the “Nowhere Boys”, four Morningside alumni including Sally Choi ’21, Julian Yen ’21 (Flowstrong), and “Good Funk Shui’s” Christie Leung ’22 and Poh Wongkham ’21 treated the College and guests to an energizing concert. Sally, Christie, Poh, and Julian were all prominent figures in the MC Music Community during their time as students; their talent and leadership did not halt following graduation. To close their Tuesday night performance, the group welcomed several current students to the stage for a jam session and gave five lucky audience members a copy of Julian’s mixtape “Study (of) Breaks”. You can find the musicians on Spotify and at various venues around Hong Kong and Taipei if you missed them this week!