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Catching Performances at the 2024 Hong Kong Arts Festival


This February and March, students and Junior Fellows attended three events at the 52nd Hong Kong Arts Festival. On February 27, they went to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre’s Studio Hall to watch Palestinian artists Samaa Wakim and Sammar Haddad King perform ‘Losing It’, a dance performance reflecting the fears, trauma, and hopes of living amidst incessant conflict.


On March 12, a different group went to Hong Kong City Hall’s theatre to watch ‘Miss Julie’, Amy Ng’s adaptation of August Strindberg’s Swedish play about class and power to a colonial Hong Kong setting. This production was directed by Tony Wong. On March 14, Morningsiders returned to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to watch the (pan-Nordic) Baltic Sea Philharmonic’s ‘Bright and Black’ performance, conducted by Kristjan Jarvi and featuring celloist and Apocalypta founder Eicca Topinnen. This show was a unique combination of a symphony orchestra’s talents with the Nordic heavy metal character brought by Topinnen.