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Cacao HK Returns with the Chocolate Tasting Workshop


On the evening of Thursday March 21, twenty-six students attended Cacao HK’s chocolate tasting workshop in the college’s small hall. Cacao HK was founded by the Gomersalls, the family of a Morningside alumnus. Carolyn, Charles, and Tom pursued this line of work to promote chocolates that are ethically sourced and sustainably produced. The tasting session was interspersed with presentations about mass market chocolate producers’ complicity in child slavery, deforestation, and adjacent poaching in the cocoa industries of various African countries. They ended on a positive note about their carefully vetted cocoa and palm sugar sourced from the Philippines. Students tasted Cacao’s various chocolates while learning about the industry around this popular snack. Most students kept pace with the tasting session, while others couldn’t resist eating all their chocolates well before the workshop’s halfway mark (but still stayed and attentively learned about Cacao’s mission). Charles ended the session with a call to students to prioritize ethical and environmentally sustainable business practices, for the sake of stakeholder wellbeing and protecting our planet.