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The Class of 2024 Celebrate Photo Day!


On Friday March 22, Morningside’s final year students assembled on the college patio with college fellows, friends, and their Student Union hosts to participate in Photo Day. To begin, College Master Nick Rawlins, Dean of Students Colin Graham, and student representative Faiyaz Hossein Aryan (Economics) delivered speeches. Professor Rawlins congratulated students for this hard-earned achievement, and reminded them to be thankful to their parents, college donors, and other supporters, and to also consider donating to the college as alumni. Professor Graham spoke of how this event brought back memories of his own graduation, and ended by quoting Star Trek’s reliable co-protagonist Spock, “I have been and always shall be your friend”. Faiyaz recounted his cohort’s shared memories, including their academic exertions during General Education courses, but skirted around triumphalism by also reminding students of the tradeoffs inherent in solely focusing on academic and professional attainment. He encouraged them to equally nurture their friendships and lives outside of work, in these remaining months and in their upcoming careers.  Four students then joined Professor Rawlins to cleave the suckling pig. The students spent the rest of the afternoon taking photos with their classmates and friends and enjoying the tea reception arranged by the Student Union. The Master of Ceremonies was Yuyang Xia, a Year 1 Professional Accountancy student.