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Celebrating the Class of 2022!


Graduates from the Class of 2022 returned to the college on Thursday, November 24, for their graduation ceremony. Opening addresses were given by Master Nick Rawlins, Biomedical Sciences graduate Zhamilya Zhirenova, and Law graduate Christie Leung. Christie mentioned how thankful she was that she had chosen Morningside in 2018: “Being in this college shaped my entire undergraduate journey. Not only did I find passion, happiness and a balanced life at Morningside, I also made friends from all around the world. They taught me how to enjoy life, and they inspired discussions that gave me a lot of insight and understanding of the world, and of myself.” Master of Ceremonies Michelle Lau, a Year 3 Psychology student, kept things going until the buffet meal was served. The event concluded with an impromptu performance of “Moon River” by vocalist Christie Leung and Resident Tutor ‘Poh’ Chaichon Wongkham on the piano. Congratulations graduates!