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Parents Join the College Community for Formal Hall Dinner


Morningside’s students, faculty, and staff gathered for Formal Hall dinner on Thursday December 1. For the first time since pre-pandemic years, parents were able to join the event too. Guests were welcomed to the meal by the Master of Ceremonies Horace Hung, a Year 2 Theoretical Physics student. Master Nick Rawlins delivered the opening address, during which he commended students for the hard work that led them to Morningside, and reassured parents about the vibrant and supportive community their children now enjoy. He encouraged students to be sociable residents of the college, and to “sit down and talk to your neighbour. Excel in your own subject, yes, absolutely, but do not overlook this amazing chance to learn much, much more.” Students enjoyed a sumptuous four-course meal with their families and friends.  In keeping with the festive spirit of the evening, a few talented students and resident tutors stepped onto the stage after dinner and gave a series of impromptu musical performances, charming their audience with renderings of songs by Michael Bublé, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, and other artists.