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Jason Cheung wins HSBC Greater Bay Area Scholarship


Morningsider Jason Cheung Hei Yin (Bachelor of Laws) was awarded the HSBC Greater Bay Area Scholarship in July 2022. Along with a financial prize, the scholarship also includes mentorship from HSBC executives and other leaders in the finance sector across the Greater Bay Area. We heard from Jason about how this scholarship fits into his long-held aspirations to work in government and serve the Hong Kong public.


What academic and professional goals will this scholarship help you meet?


“I have long aspired to join the Administrative Service of the Government to formulate policies and legislation for my community, with a view to providing a better livelihood for the people.  Last summer, I had an Administrative Officer (AO) internship with the Government, where I came to understand Hong Kong’s growing cooperation with other Greater Bay Area (GBA) cities in integrating into national development.  I decided to pursue work opportunities with Mainland government authorities in the GBA before joining the Hong Kong Government.  This is to keep abreast of the latest national strategies and plans, and to develop my political sense and affection for the community, which will in the long term benefit my career in the local civil service.


The HSBC Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong) Scholarship helps me actualise my career plan.  Apart from the scholarship funding, what is more significant is the invaluable access to mentorship opportunities with HSBC executives, practical career advice from leaders who work in different fields in the GBA, and exchange tours to the GBA.  This is a great opportunity to expand our professional network with young talents from diverse disciplines in the GBA.


If you are seeking any employment, entrepreneurship, or advanced academic opportunities in the GBA, don’t hesitate to apply for the HSBC Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong) Scholarship this year!”


Do you have any advice for other students applying for the scholarship?


“At the award ceremony, I met many HSBC executives (some had been my interviewers) and had a few words with them.  The advice from donors to general scholarship applicants is to “be familiar with yourself”.


It may sound cliché, but it is true.  Which donor is willing to offer scholarships to students who do not understand themselves?  Be prepared to discuss your personal background, future plans and career aspirations.  Most importantly, be yourself and do not fake anything because otherwise sooner or later your interviewers/donors will find out.”


Congratulations Jason!