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Stella Chen Wins Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for Excellence


Morningsider Stella Chen Sin Yu (Global Business Studies, IBBA) was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for Excellence on September 28, in recognition of her formidable academic and extracurricular achievements. Outside the classroom, Stella is an accomplished violinist with experience performing in Hong Kong and abroad. She has also worked hard in endeavors such as Model United Nations, debate competitions, and creative writing. Stella advises her fellow students to be thoughtful and brave in their choice of extracurriculars.


What are some of your aspirations for your coming years at CUHK?


“There is a lot of debate about how a business student should be, and I hope to maintain a sense of individuality among different voices, while learning from others in self-improvement.”


Do you have any advice for other students applying for the scholarship?


“It is useful to think about the meaning of the extracurriculars you do. Perhaps there are issues that you can dig deep into and reaffirm your decision to participate in that extracurricular. Be confident to present yourself!”


Congratulations Stella!