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Morningsider Tayyab Shahzada's Public Health Research Published


Tayyab Shahzada is a year 5 medical student at Morningside who recently had his research on COVID-19 prevention methods published. He worked closely with Professor Emily Chan, a Morningside fellow, and conducted the research through his internship at the GX Foundation.


Tayyab’s publication titled “Narrative review of non-pharmaceutical behavioural measures for the prevention of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) based on the Health-EDRM framework” has been published in the British Medical Bulletin. The paper reviewed the research available on non-pharmaceutical COVID-19 prevention measures and focused on identifying evidence-based behavioural measures for prevention. The research concluded that, at the time of writing, there remained a lack of strong evidence to support the recommended measures. Specifically, the paper suggested further research to evaluate behavioral measures in resource-poor settings. This paper can be viewed here.  


To Tayyab, “the most enticing part of doing such a paper was the opportunity to take a timely issue and to delve deeply into the research that surrounds it and understand the importance of evidence-based studies in guiding major public health policies. Despite the long hours spent, it was rather rewarding to see how an extensive piece like this can reveal important conclusions which can have major implications towards future research and policies.”


In addition to his paper on COVID-19 prevention measures, Tayyab has also conducted other public health research with Professor Chan through the GX Internship. His paper titled "Health-EDRM Primary Prevention Measures for Vector-Borne Diseases" has also been published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. This paper can be viewed here.


Congratulations to Tayyab on his publications!