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Morningsiders Present at Virtual Global COVID Symposium


Morningsiders Hayley Feng, Emilie Fu, Josephine Gracio, Marta Gramatyka, Goran Shiao, and Natalie Woo presented at the Global COVID Symposium hosted by Connecticut College on 1 April 2021. Over the past several months, these Morningsiders worked virtually with students from institutions around the globe on collaborative research projects. The partnering institutions included Ashesi University in Ghana, Ashoka University in India, Connecticut College in the United States, and Higher School of Economics in Russia. 


The project aims were to explore what it would be like to study a pandemic in real time and to make a COVID website to showcase their unique work. The student teams investigated trends and changes in activism, education, inequality, and policy under the conditions of the COVID pandemic. Their presentations focused on their research questions, methodologies, and reflections on working as global research teams. 


First-year student Goran Shiao, whose research focus was activism, commented, "It is crucial for us to acknowledge our cultural limitations, which restrains us from gaining a better understanding of another country with a distinct sociohistorical context. I truly enjoyed the intercultural experience brought by this project, it allowed me to transcend my cultural boundaries by listening to the perspectives of participants from other parts of the globe."


For Marta Gramatyka, whose research focus was inequality, “participating in the Global COVID-19 project allowed me to meet like-minded people, with whom I could talk about how the pandemic has affected different countries and regions, and learn a little bit more about their lifestyles and cultures,” Marta explained that she chose to take part in the project because “being able to expand my horizons, challenge my perspectives and learn to understand previously unexplored parts of the world is the best education!” 


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