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Lulu Miller on Navigating Our Inner Compass and Searching for Truth


On the evening of Wednesday 31 March, Lulu Miller, author of Why Fish Don’t Exist (2020), gave a public talk online as part of Morningside’s One Book Programme. In her talk, Miller discussed the wonders of nature and how truth in nature is often counterintuitive. She then pointed out how our inner compasses can lead us astray in our search for truth, and shared with the audience how to free ourselves from the constraints of our intuition by reflecting on her experience as a journalist. During Q&A, the audience asked about Miller’s love of nature, her take on biases and neutrality, and her tips on keeping an open mind.


The One Book Programme for the 2020-2021 academic year has attracted considerable attention from students and college fellows despite the lack of face-to-face exchanges. Many off-campus students were able to access Why Fish Don’t Exist through the University Library website, and many on-campus students borrowed physical copies of the book from the General Education Team, which is also hosting a crossword puzzle competition based on the book, with a framed artwork to be raffled off to a lucky winner in mid-April. Interviews with Lulu Miller and the book’s illustrator, Kate Samworth, will be featured in the Morningside Magazine.