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One Book Programme Author Lulu Miller Visits Morningside General Education Class


On Friday, 20 November, Lulu Miller, author of Morningside’s One Book Programme selection, Why Fish Don’t Exist (2020), visited GEMC1001, the college general education seminar for first-year students, via a Zoom meeting. Miller talked to students about her new book, which covers a wide range of ethical issues including the meaning of life, order and chaos, love and loss. She also read selections from her book and invited students to reflect on the “Dandelion Principle”, which argues for the value of diversity and against discrimination. During the Q&A session, students asked Miller about her experience as a science reporter and her thoughts on the role of journalism in the world today. 


Miller will return in Spring 2021 to judge the Morningside Photography Competition and to give a public talk at the university.