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Virtual Graduation Ceremony: Celebrating the Class of 2020!


On 19 November, The Chinese University of Hong Kong broadcast the 88th Congregation for the conferment of bachelor’s degrees and the 8th Morningside College Graduation Ceremony. Master Nicholas Rawlins with our Presiding Officer and Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Rocky Tuan, celebrated the most significant achievements of 80 graduating Morningsiders. Professor Colin Graham, Professor Ann Huss, and Professor Anthony So joined them in representing the College in the virtual ceremony. Graduates Joelle Li (Psychology) and Kevin Feng (Information Engineering) addressed the audience. Year 3 Law student Christie Leung was the Master of Ceremonies.


The Master reflected on the enduring commitment of our students during extraordinary times: “What a final year you have all had! Profound social unrest was quickly followed by waves of Covid-19. Classes were suspended; the College had to close and is yet to re-open fully; online teaching, followed by online examinations, became the norm; our community has dispersed and is distributed across the globe. Yet I see this very clearly as a year to remember, rather than as a year to try to forget. Morningside’s spirit – its kindness and cohesion, its enthusiasms and bubbling curiosity, and its thoughtful support for all its members – came through all this, and is as present as ever. You rose to all the challenges rather than being brought low by them. That undaunted spirit will be a lasting part of the mark you will make upon the world.”


Congratulations to the Class of 2020!