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Professor Song Xu on Generative Design for 3D Printing


Professor Song Xu of the CUHK Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering delivered the second Fellows Luncheon Talk on Thursday, March 16. He introduced the audience to his work on additive manufacturing through 3D printing and depicted how users could use phone and tablet applications to create their own designs in a short time. The printing device was capable of ‘complex part fabrication’ of these user-submitted designs.


Professor Song specializes in engineering 3D printing software that enables mass customization and personalization and can optimize weight, density, shape (‘topology’) and constituent materials to provide on-demand, cost-effective manufacturing.  When explaining the benefits of this technology, Professor Song explained that 3D printing has constant pricing at any production volume and therefore anyone can affordably obtain their own niche designed product. He made a material demonstration of 3D printed products’ lightness and strength, by printing out a small stool that could support a metal block many times its weight and size.