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A Tasting Session with Local Chocolatiers


After communal dinner on Thursday, March 23, a group of Morningsiders attended a chocolate tasting session organized by Cacao HK, a local ‘guilt-free’ chocolate business based in Sai Kung. Cacao is a family-owned business comprising Carolyn, Charles, and Thomas Gomersall. Besides tasting over a dozen kinds of freshly made chocolate (and an older sample for comparison), the attendees also listened to Cacao’s presentations about ethical chocolate production and the environmental effects of the global cocoa industry. Cacao’s descriptor as ‘guilt-free’ draws on the fact that many prominent cocoa farms run on the labor of children who have been sold into slavery. Their chocolates are also made with palm sugar, which is cultivated with a smaller environmental footprint than regular sugarcane. Students were able to ask the Gomersall family about their chocolates and their presentations, and took home a box of pralines.