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Seeing Hong Kong in a New Light: Morningsiders Learn about Local Service


This year, Morningside College launched the Hong Kong Service Learning Programme. The programme complements the college’s existing three overseas service learning trips by exposing students to social issues within Hong Kong and to the organizations working to resolve those problems.


11 students participated in this inaugural session of the programme. The six-day programme consisted of visits to local service organizations and talks by experts on the topics. At each organization, students participated in various activities to learn about the work conducted by the organization. For example, during a visit to Christian Action’s Centre for Refugees, a caseworker led students to areas in Tsim Sha Tsui frequented by asylum-seekers. Students also spoke with beneficiaries of Christian Action and dined at the centre’s soup kitchen in Chungking Mansions. In addition to site visits, students engaged in volunteering projects. Through the projects, the group packed a total of 2,770 kg of surplus food and repaired four apartments in the Tsuen Wan area.


By the end of the six days, students had learned about topics ranging from organic farming to disability rights. The programme culminated with student presentations on their selected social issues. Students analyzed the causes and symptoms of those issues as well as the possible solutions. Many of the participants said that the programme had provided them with new insights into Hong Kong society and allowed them to recognize the immense contributions of service organizations. Students also expressed their eagerness to continue to work with the organizations visited. We hope to offer this immersive service learning experience again and to inspire other students to participate actively in Hong Kong’s vibrant civil society.