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Student Photography Recognized at 6th Annual Photography Competition


On 19 March, Morningside hosted the 6th Annual Photography Competition Award Ceremony. This year we were pleased to receive more than 230 submissions from students at each college at CUHK.  


The jurors this year were Prof. Nelson Chen, Director of the School of Architecture, and Lalla Ward, noted artist, actress, and author. Gordon Choi of New Asia College was awarded the Grand Prize for “Limiting the Skies”, which captured the judges with its “contrasting elements: clouds reflected on a glass wall against a cloudless sky; unruly branches of planting disrupting a linear parapet edge; and, a security camera outside revealing a human presence hidden inside”.


This year also saw the establishment of the Nelson Chen Architectural Photography Prize, which recognizes photography that creatively captures an architectural structure’s design and features. The prize is named for Prof. Nelson Chen in appreciation of his service as a thoughtful judge for the photography competition over the years. Philip Fan of S.H. Ho College was awarded the Nelson Chen Prize for “Shelter the Uncertainty”, which the jurors selected for its “composition of shadows and light” and “how its effect resembles a darkened theatre with its players crossing the stage under a proscenium arch”.


Thank you to all the students who submitted photographs this year, and congratulations to all the finalists.


Grand Prize: “Limiting the Skies” by Gordon Choi (蔡家俊), New Asia College

Nelson Chen Architectural Photography Prize: “Shelter the Uncertainty” by Philip Fan (范嘉傑), S.H. Ho College


  • “Sacrifice to the Deities” by Kong Yiu Kam (江耀錦), New Asia College, 1st Place
  • “Inequality” by Chan So Han, United College, 2nd Place
  • “Commodity” by Dominic Lee (李誠願), Lee Woo Sing College, Student Choice
  • “Animals and humans use food as the best currency” by Sun Yijing (孫禕婧), Morningside College
  • “Releasing fish back to the wild for karma, the currency of good deeds” by Simon Tie (鐵天蒙), Chung Chi College
  • “HKD – Happy Kids’ Dollar” by Minnie Yip (葉鳴弦), S.H. Ho College
  • “Survival Game” by Cyrus Lo (盧焯軒), Morningside College



  • “The Other Side of the Door” by Daniel Chan (陳爾德), New Asia College, 1st Place
  • “A Fiery Border” by Raghav Paul, New Asia College, 2nd Place
  • “Mirrored Frame” by Lai Jian Shin, S.H. Ho College, Student Choice
  • “Across” by Bay Lin (林貝珊), Morningside College
  • “A room with a view” by Michelle Ho (何敏晴), Wu Yee Sun College
  • “Segmented Twilight” by Gabriella Tian (田美), Morningside College



  • “Confined but still home” by Chan Jing (陳婧), Lee Woo Sing College, 1st Place
  • “In Sync” by Sung Chen-ru (宋承璐), C.W. Chu College, 2nd Place
  • “The Art of Geometry” by Oscar To (杜銘恩), Morningside College, Student Choice
  • “A home above the clouds” by Raghav Paul, New Asia College
  • “Don’t worry! Daddy is your shelter” by Sun Yijing (孫禕婧), Morningside College
  • “Refuge” by Jamie Wong (黃曦彤), Morningside College
  • “Shield of Family” by Jonathan (黃裕添), Morningside College