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Student Union hosts Morningside’s First Ever Cultural Fair


On the evening of Friday February 17, Morningsiders welcomed students, college staff, and guests from other colleges to the first ever Cultural Fair. The fair took place on the Morningside patio and students hosted stalls with food, games, and some small handicrafts from their home countries. The represented countries included Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Palestine, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. The Japanese stall served takoyaki and let visitors compete at Mario Kart, while the Palestinian stall served harissa. Students were able to try their hands at calligraphy at the China stall, and the Egypt stall provided dry fruits and held a trivia quiz. Students at each stall were also dressed in traditional outfits from their hometowns or countries. Towards the end of the evening, the fair’s visitors gathered together to enjoy musical performances by students, who used instruments such as the Erhu and the (Kazakh) Dombyra. Congratulations to the Morningside College Student Union on organizing a hugely popular and successful event!