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The Class of 2023 Gather for Photo Day


On Friday, March 24, Morningside’s final-year students got together with the Master, Deans, and Fellows, to celebrate their upcoming graduation. Master Nick Rawlins started the ceremony with commendations to the students for making it through a tumultuous set of years as undergraduates. He noted that they were the first cohort he has overseen from beginning to end as the Master, and reminded them that they would always be welcome back at the College. Dean of Students Colin Graham followed with a congratulations to the students for supporting each other through unprecedented circumstances, and noted how momentous events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall had been a meaningful bonding experience during his own time as a student. The final speech was delivered by student representative Varsha Suresh, who took the stage to a lively round of applause. She thanked the “Holy Trinity” of Master Nick Rawlins, Dean of Students Colin Graham, and Associate Master and Dean of General Education Ann Huss. She also gave special mention to the College’s resident canines: Arlo, Captain, and Cuba. Varsha noted the various challenges her cohort has faced, and that through it all she was glad to have had Morningside as her multicultural home. The students posed for photos with the faculty present and a highlight was the Master and four students cutting into a suckling pig. The Morningside College Student Union (MCSU) and the College Office’s Advancement Team organized this event. The Master of Ceremonies was Albert Han, a Year 1 medical student.